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Jan. 4, 2005

I suppose I should explain what's going on here.

Recently I came across a transcription I'd made of the following voice-mail message:

Hi, Luke. This is Greg Knauss. And on behalf of the entire Web community, we want you to start writing again. We were goofing around today -- the entire Web community -- and we kind of ran out of things to read. And so we went back and poked around Minnesota Stories and, dammit, start. That's an order. Further instructions will follow. This has been the entire Web community, saying "Bye."

Greg Knauss, Sept. 8, 1999

Remember those days? When it was possible to run out of things to read online?

Those days were great!

There is no longer such a shortage. In fact, there's such a surplus of good writing that any self-respecting person must consider the following questions before starting, say, a blog:

  1. Are you really all that interesting?
  2. Can you think of anything more narcissistic by nature than a blog? If no, are you OK with that?
  3. What, do you think this is still 1995 and you're still 19?
  4. If as a non-blogger you already suspect everyone thinks you're a moron, why blog and remove all doubt?
  5. Is it possible to do anything that's not being done already?
  6. What if it's found by people you know and respect? Worse, what if it's found by people you know and disrespect?
  7. Wouldn't time be better spent reading good blogs than writing, at best, a mediocre one?

It's all been considered and re-considered, and yet but so what the hell: Let's do this, even if it's five years late.

These are decisive moments. This is Decisive Moments. It's sort of a blog, but mostly not. It will be what it will be, and nothing more.