Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 16:16:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Luke Seemann <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: clarity

Mr. Byrne:

I'm disappointed I haven't heard back from you since our exchange last Thursday. I'm also disappointed you felt it necessary to try to intimidate my ISP on an issue which is clearly not its responsibility. Granted, this does not surprise me given the belligerance of my last message. And I do wish to apologize for my previous attitude, though I'll concede this message may not be too much more graceful.

However, I wish to inform you that I will shut down the server per your wishes.

Up to this point I have not been convinced the pursuit of myself and Mr. Foskett is what Mr. Salinger wants, or that he even cares about the existence of our Web pages. I've chalked it all up to litigative sharks who happen to work for him, whose interests could very well be at stake here. Moreover, I was grossly offended by this attempt to bully our individual expression, in what you admit is part of a "policing the Internet" campaign. Since last Thursday I've done more research and am still convinced the law is on my side. As of noon this afternoon I was prepared to send you a message to that effect.

Then, I went out for lunch and had a moment of clarity.

I dropped into a bookstore and happened upon a hardcover edition of "Franny & Zooey," something I had not seen before. On its jacket was a brief message from Mr. Salinger, circa 1957. In short, he remarks that privacy and obscurity are a writer's sacred possessions.

As a young writer, I want nothing more than to break out of my own private obscurity. Nonetheless, it's not my duty to tinker with that of Mr. Salinger, no matter whose side the law is on.

However, you should know that were the author involved someone I did not cherish as much, I would have fought for my rights tooth, nail, hook, line and sinker.

So, while I am still dissatisfied with both the tactics and interests of Harold Ober & Associates, I am now convinced that this is what Mr. Salinger wants.

Should you speak with Mr. Salinger, please send my best wishes for good times and health. Tell him good luck, if you dare. And let him know that I and millions of other birdwatchers are patiently waiting for he and his co-conspirator, Buddy Glass, to finish what they've started.



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