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Jan. 31, 2005

A month into this I suppose I should codify the rules.

Unlike some other blogs you may be familiar with, this site will have few, if any, of the following:

  • Links.
  • Comments.
  • Titles.
  • Time stamps.
  • User-friendly archives.
  • Examples of correct CSS.
  • Words all-capped for hyperbole OR IRONY.
  • Observations on current events.
  • References to work. (As far as the job goes, there is no blog. As far as the blog goes, there is no job. Please don't ask; please don't tell. Getting fired for a blog is just so 2003, and the cliche would destroy me.)
  • Named references to anyone to whom I haven't made a lifelong commitment.
  • Oblique and/or sinister references to anyone I'm avoiding naming.
  • Posts I may regret when St. Peter -- or other potential dates -- is Googling me.
  • Ruminations on anything outside my expertise.
  • Intimations that I am an expert in anything but me. (They say write what you know, and I happen to be the world's foremost authority on me.)
  • Stories about my children or pets.
  • Children conceived because I'm running out of material.

Quite frankly, it's going to be mostly photos.