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The Holden Server

In November of 1995, I created The Holden Server. Up to 1000 times a day it displayed a random quotation from J.D. Salinger's classic, Catcher in the Rye. Hotwired wrote a brief review of The Holden Server. Later it received a tip of the Hotwired hat. Academe Today, an on-line journal of The Chronicle of Higher Education, did an article about it.

Seven months later, Mr. Salinger requested I remove this service through his literary agent.

The decision to comply did not come easily, but it was what I believed to be the best course of action. I am truly sorry that the service you have visited this page for no longer exists. To understand where I stand, I invite you to read the following exchanges between myself and Chris Byrne of Harold Ober & Associates, Mr. Salinger's literary agents.

I strongly encourage you to continue enjoying the works of J.D. Salinger. Not just Catcher, but each story of his we are fortunate enough to have shared with us. My personal favorites are "Zooey" and "Seymour: an Introduction."

There is still a mailing list for the discussion of J.D. Salinger and his works. Send mail to [email protected] with "subscribe bananafish firstname lastname" in the message body. For other Salinger sites on the Web, see Stephen Foskett's Bananafish. Stephen's page is an excellent source for more information on Salinger and some of his underpublished works.

On July 31, the on-line edition of the New York Times published a story on Ober's efforts to purge Salinger quotations from the Internet. You may need a password to read the article, but it is a painless procedure to acquire one.

Finally, thank you for visiting. It's been a pleasure providing this service, as has been reading the almost daily e-mail from visitors who have appreciated it. Thank you.